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RELEASE: Tammy Baldwin’s “F” Rating on the Second Amendment

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Tammy Baldwin's "F" Rating on the Second Amendment

Desperately Tries to Save Face With Wisconsin's Sportsmen Despite Her Failing Grade

Madison, WI - On the heels of former Governor Tommy Thompson's successful NRA endorsement tour, Madison liberal Tammy Baldwin's campaign issued a statement in a desperate attempt to save face with Wisconsin's sportsmen. However, her last-ditch effort to fool voters about her position isn't going to work. During her long political career - both in Madison and in Washington, D.C. - Baldwin has assembled a record that is incredibly hostile towards protecting the Second Amendment.

In Madison, Baldwin was one of 14 Assembly members who opposed Governor Thompson's successful attempt to insert the language of the "right to keep and bear arms" into Wisconsin's constitution. Then in Washington, she continued her crusade against the second amendment and even voted against the District of Columbia's law prohibiting firearm possession. So it's no surprise the NRA has given Baldwin an "F" lifetime rating on issues that affect the Second Amendment.

"In Madison and in Washington, liberal Madison Tammy Baldwin has been incredibly hostile towards our constitutional right to keep and bear arms," said spokeswoman Lisa Boothe. "Now, after Tommy Thompson's successful NRA endorsement tour, Baldwin is trying to save face with Wisconsin's sportsmen. Unlike Baldwin, who has an "F" lifetime rating from the NRA, Governor Thompson has consistently fought to protect the Second Amendment, which is why he received the organization's endorsement."


In 2008, Baldwin Voted To Uphold The District Of Columbia Law Prohibiting Firearm Possession. "Passage of the bill that would repeal District of Columbia laws prohibiting firearm possession, including the possession of semiautomatic firearms. It would repeal the District's requirements for firearm registration and the requirement that firearms be disassembled or secured with a trigger lock in the home. It would remove criminal penalties for possessing firearms in the home and allow the District's residents to purchase firearms in Maryland and Virginia." (H.R. 6842, CQ Vote #601: Passed 266-152: R 181-7; D 85-145, 9/17/08, Baldwin Voted Nay)

In 1996, Baldwin Voted Against A Bill To Amend The Wisconsin Constitution To Include The Phrase "Right To Keep And Bear Arms." "This constitutional amendment, proposed to the 1995 legislature on first consideration, creates a new section of article I of the state constitution. Article I contains the state constitution's declaration of rights. The new section of article I created by this constitutional amendment declares that: 'Every individual, except an individual restricted in accordance with federal law, has the right to keep and bear arms for any lawful purpose including for security or defense, for hunting and for recreational use, but the manner of bearing arms may be regulated as authorized by the legislature by law.' Currently, the state constitution does not guarantee a right to keep and bear arms." (Wisconsin Assembly Roll Call, AJR 53, Sequence No. 945: Motion agreed to by a vote of 79-19, 3/26/96, Baldwin Voted Nay; Wisconsin State Legislature Website,, Accessed 8/21/12)

Baldwin Was One Of Only Fourteen Assembly Members To Oppose Final Passage Of The Measure. "Wisconsin is two moves away from changing its constitution to include the 'right to keep and bear arms' in the state. Despite debate Tuesday, the Wisconsin Assembly passed Joint Resolution 11 by a vote of 84-14 and sent it to the Senate for one, final vote." (Mike Flaherty, "State Closer To Constitutional Gun-Rights Guarantee," Wisconsin State Journal, 1/29/97; Wisconsin Assembly Roll Call, AJR 11, Sequence No. 38: Motion agreed to by a vote of 84-14, 1/28/97, Baldwin Voted Nay)

Baldwin Received An "F" Lifetime Rating From The National Rifle Association. (National Rifle Association Website,, Accessed 9/19/12)


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