Monday, October 22, 2012

RELEASE - Thompson: "Kewaunee Power Station Closure Signals Need for Smart Energy Policy"

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Thompson: "Kewaunee Power Station Closure Signals
Need for Smart Energy Policy"

Smart Policy Will Allow Energy Sector to Power Economy
Madison, WI – As reported today, the Kewaunee Power Station will close within the next year, further highlighting the need for an improved federal energy policy. Dominion Resources – which owns the power plant in Kewaunee – stated that the economic climate has forced it to close a nuclear reactor that provides energy to more than 133,000 homes in the Fox Valley.
“Today's news that that the Kewaunee Power Station is slated to close within the year is further proof that the federal government needs to adopt a smart energy policy that will retain and create good-paying jobs here at home," said Thompson. "The closure of the Kewaunee power plant will cut jobs and reduce energy competition. The result could be higher energy prices for hardworking, middle-class families in Wisconsin.
"In addition to adopting a smart energy policy that taps our domestic potential, I support freeing our businesses of the onerous regulations imposed on them by unelected agencies, like the Environmental Protection Agency. My plan will expand our domestic production of energy and cut the red tape that binds these job-creators, allowing Wisconsin’s power plants to power the economy and our homes."

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