Saturday, October 27, 2012

RELEASE: Tommy Thompson Goes 3-for-3, Sweeps Senate Debates

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Tommy Thompson Goes 3-for-3, Sweeps Senate Debates
While Thompson Stands on His Record, Baldwin Continues to Run from Hers
Madison, WI - Former Governor Tommy Thompson released the following statement tonight after winning the third and final of three United States Senate debates.

"After three debates, it could not be clearer: Tammy Baldwin is too extreme for Wisconsin families," said Thompson. "Just as she has done since the beginning of this race, Tammy Baldwin ran from her liberal record tonight.

“From her decision to politicize a vote honoring the victims of 9/11 to her desperate attempt to walk back 14 years of support for a single-payer system, my opponent is doing everything she can to cover up her liberal record. She doesn’t want Wisconsin families to know that she voted to raise taxes on each family by $3,000 or that she supported regulations that will kill jobs right here in our great state.

"While Tammy Baldwin has been trying to run from her record, I am proud to stand on mine. Working with the private sector, we created more than 740,000 jobs, cut taxes 91 times, and introduced bold reforms that were adopted nationally. Together, we turned Wisconsin into an economic powerhouse. Wisconsin families know they can trust me to do it again, because I have a plan to restore America by creating a competitive business environment, expanding energy opportunities and lowering taxes. I am proud of the work we did when I was governor and I know there is a lot more to do in the United States Senate."


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