Friday, October 19, 2012

RELEASE: Tommy Thompson Two-for-Two in Wisconsin Senate Debates

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Tommy Thompson Two-for-Two in Wisconsin

Senate Debates

Thompson Stands on His Proven Record as Baldwin Runs From Her Extreme Record

Madison, WI - Former Governor Tommy Thompson released the following statement tonight after winning his second consecutive Senate debate.

"After two debates between Congresswoman Baldwin and myself, it is clear I am best suited to represent Wisconsin families in the U.S. Senate," said Thompson. "America has sunk into a $16 trillion debt and more than 23 million Americans are looking for work. The only solution my opponent has is add to the debt, add to the unemployment and increase taxes.

"Under Congresswoman Baldwin's watch, the economy bled 6.6 million jobs, the deficit ballooned, and the debt skyrocketed by $10 trillion. While Wisconsin families suffered, Baldwin voted for job-killing measures like cap-and-trade, which would cost 26,000 Wisconsin jobs, and the EPA's Boiler MACT regulations, which would cost another 7,500. Even worse, she voted in favor of higher taxes 159 times, including a measure that would increase taxes by $3,000 on the average middle-class family.

"I am a proven reformer with a record of creating more than 740,000 jobs, saving taxpayers $16 billion and dropping unemployment to less than 3 percent. Now, I have a plan to RESTORE America by creating a competitive business environment, expanding energy opportunities and lowering taxes. I will fight every single day for the people of Wisconsin because too much is at stake to do anything less."


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