Sunday, October 21, 2012

U.S. Navy: Zumwalt Class Destroyer SITREP

The following post is by Rear Adm. Thomas Rowden, the director for the Navy’s Surface Warfare Division.


Recently, I mentioned my trips to Maine and Rhode Island to visit Bath Iron Works (BIW) and the Raytheon Facility. Both of these tours provided firsthand insight into the production of ZUMWALT-class destroyer, and latest system testing. Though brief when previously mentioned, I now want to provide insight into the DDG 1000 program, its current status, and notable highlights.

DDG 1000 culminates two decades of research and development, creating the next generation destroyer capable of defeating future threats. The revolutionary design of the ship itself reduces its signature and includes both active and passive self-defense systems, plus enhanced survivability features. The self-defense systems are built to defeat littoral submarine threats, next generation anti-ship cruise missiles, and small boats. Also, the USW suite is capable of in-stride mine avoidance. It will provide valuable lessons in advanced technology, which can be incorporated into other ship classes, and it will have optimal manning through Human Systems Integration. For example, the automation on DDG 1000 will allow most routine watchstanding to take place in only two locations – the Bridge and the double deck Ships Mission Center (SMC). The SMC will have the look and feel of an advanced command center with operations overseeing both ship missions and functions through multi-modal common display system workstations.

Physically, all three ships are under construction! ZUMWALT (DDG 1000) is more than 70% complete. Christening and Commissioning are set for FY13 and FY15, respectively, with a two-phase delivery for HM&E and Combat Systems scheduled for FY’s 14 and 15. Following Developmental and Operational Testing, DDG 1000 will IOC in FY16.

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