Thursday, October 11, 2012

VP Debate Comments On Biden Versus Ryan

In my opinion, the debate tonight was moderated fairly, except for all the interruptions that were allowed during candidate's time (especially Joe Biden interrupting Paul Ryan). Beyond the moderating I felt that the winner on substance was Ryan who was able to get specifics out during his time as opposed to Biden regurgitating misleading talking points.
On behavior I felt Biden lost in a landslide because of his negative and snide laughter and mocking of the whole process, and of Ryan, while Ryan seemed almost restrained to not appear over aggressive. It would have been nice to see Ryan more forceful and explanative in this debate like Sarah Palin was during her VP debate against Biden.
Over all, Ryan won tonight's debate despite Biden's attempt to control and sway the debate with arrogance, negativity, and mockery. I also wanted to point out one of the moderator's questions about the negative tone and attacks of the campaigns themselves. It is easy to acknowledge the fact that the disgusting, hateful, negative attacks are coming from the liberals themselves for anyone who watches any amount of television.
The conservative ads have been fact focused on the negative nature of the liberals; this does not make the conservatives' nature negative. Anyone who listens to the hateful speech and witnesses the disgusting behavior of liberals towards conservatives can plainly see where the negativity is coming from.  Repeating liberal lies until Americans swallow it is conditioning, not truth.
If anyone believes that campaigns today are negative, they would be astonished by our founding fathers, who instituted the campaigning process, were negative to an extreme that would send shivers down all of our spines. There were almost no limits to the extent they would go to get elected.

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