Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Way Up North: It's One of THOSE Mornings

Way Up North: It's One of THOSE Mornings: The Navy isn't a game of "Battleship" and we're not counting ships? Really? Even if we have the most technically-advanced ships afloat, you can only cover so much area per ship. There's a point of diminishing returns when you keep reducing the size of the fleet, and we're there. The post-Viet Nam fleet was 600 ships; now we have fewer than 300, and are asking more of it....


Rev. Paul said...

Thanks for the link; that comment in last night's debate just got under my skin.

DR said...

I know what you are saying. I cannot believe how ignorant Obama continues to prove he is and yet people still refer to him as brilliant.

I appreciate your experience as a Navy veteran, it lends credibility to those of us who are arguing for a larger fleet. One of my disappointments was they really did not address the personnel shortage the Navy is experiencing.

I am continuing to hear that several ships would be combat ineffective due to crew shortages and maintenance deferrals.