Thursday, November 08, 2012

Could This Be The 2016 Presidential Contenders?

The has a list of Republicans they feel could be the top contenders in 2016. Three and four are Bush/McCain/Romney clones, two has a history of too many big government votes, five and seven I would be excited about supporting, six should be running for the Democrat Party's nomination in 2016, and I understand why one made the top of the list, however some of his positions over the last year have given me pause and his aggressive promoting of the Neocons' foreign policy objectives worries me. You got to wonder about a list where Jim DeMint doesn't appear at all and Bobby Jindal only gets an honorable mention, due to popular demand.

We need to be serious in 2016 if we want a different outcome. That means getting behind a true limited government candidate early and sticking with them. We cannot afford a clone of Bush/McCain/Romney. The country is going to be in economic shambles, the military gutted, and the federal government way too large.

We are going to need a candidate whose core beliefs are rooted in limited government, personal freedom, and a strong military.  Someone willing to name departments they would actually abolish in the federal government. A candidate of big ideas who has the ability to articulate them and convince the American people that our lower standard of living is due to the federal government's constant meddling.

Hopefully, our state governors will lay the ground work over the next four years by fighting for a return to states rights and Constitutional government. Nullification needs to become a household word and our state governments are going to need the intestinal fortitude to stand up to Obama or 2016 may just be a repeat of 2012.

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