Sunday, November 11, 2012

Figaros Pizza Honors Veterans

The other day I received a coupon in my email from Figaros Pizza for a free medium, one topping pizza for any veterans or active duty member. Today I went to pick up my pizza with one of my sons. The young girl behind the counter asked me to hold on for a second and out comes a woman, I assume a manager or owner, with a beaming smile so rarely seen in the restaurant industry.

She handed me my pizza and as I turned to leave she reached out and grabbed by hand and with total sincerity she looked me in the eyes and said "Thank you so very much for your service." I instantly thought my son had just seen that. It made me beam with pride. Since moving to Wisconsin going on 8 years ago, I can count on both of my hands how many times someone has thanked me for my service.

We should reward businesses who reach out to the veterans of our community. I hope you will consider stopping by a local Figaros and giving them some business and maybe mention their support for veterans as the reason for your visit.

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Rev. Paul said...

The first time anyone told me "welcome home!" was a gal with whom I'd served; she was with the DAV, and they had a tent at a 'moving Viet Nam wall' ceremony. Haven't seen her since then, but she did get me registered with the Disabled American Veterans, where I'm a life member.

I'm so very glad that your son got to see that; thank yous are still rare.