Monday, November 05, 2012

One More Day

Tomorrow we have an opportunity to stand up for our faith by voting out the most anti-religious, socialist president in our lifetime. It does not matter what state you live in, you need to get out and vote. Obama and the Democrat Party has spent the last four years at war with our civil liberties, our religious freedom, and stoking racial division and hatred.

Have you ever seen a president stand up and divide people constantly like Obama? We have to show him that his politics of anger and revenge will not win in America. We want our civil liberties and religious freedoms respected. They come from God and no politician has the right to try and strip them.

 It is a shame that so many were fearful to stand up and criticize what Obama and his party have done to this republic. He is not the nice, likeable man so many republican pundits have tried to claim. In his four years he has recklessly spent this republic into debt, while at the same time neutering Congress and claiming an ever-expanding list of powers.

Tomorrow is our chance to cast our vote of judgement over how Obama and the Democrat Party has governed. We must not waste it. A vote against Obama is a vote for religious freedom. An Obama defeat will be a warning to future politicians to leave the Church alone. No government should have the right to force citizens to violate their religious beliefs, yet this government has. I believe it has awoken a sleeping leviathan of American voters who have sat at home election after election in disgust with both parties who will no longer be silent any more.

  I know the pundits are saying that Obama has the advantage in the electoral college, I have spent years volunteering on campaigns and I have never been more confident that the experts are wrong. I see no scenario where we do not claim the Senate and win the White House and I could see us increase our House majority by two to five seats. It only happens if you get out and vote.

God bless America.


Rev. Paul said...

I too believe that the pollsters have badly misread the anger & frustration from the electorate, while continuing to over-sample the Ds and spin the results.

I pray for a decisive Romney win, outside the margin of cheat, to avoid lengthy lawsuits and endless recounts.

DR said...

I am worried about voter fraud too, we have a chronic issue with it down in Milwaukee. A lot of people joke that a Republican has to win by one or two points just to overcome voter fraud. It is also a reason I don't think we will win Nevada. We will see though.

I know people are upset like I have never seen. This is the first presidential election where my yard signs have not been tampered with and I have a giant Romney/Ryan sign up along with basically every Republican running.