Monday, November 12, 2012

Shorting The Ron Paul Supporters Was The Beginning Of The End For Romney And The GOP

By ignoring Ron Paul and his supporters, the Republican Party doomed itself to failure. The arrogance which the Romney campaign and the RNC showed through the primary and especially the convention led to lower voter turn out. This video perfectly shows how the Republicans worked to undermine the state and local parties to vest more control at the national level.

I hope you took the time to watch the video, as it shows once again that even establishment Republicans were disgusted by the power grab. I think it is amazing that so many people gave Romney a pass on changing the rules after-the-fact to diminish Ron Paul's support at the convention. The Republican Party is supposed to stand for the rules. The momentary power they gained by cheating probably cost them the election.

Here is a good article breaking down how much support Ron Paul had in some key states Romney lost. Imagine how many of those voters might have supported the party if Ron Paul had been given a prime speaking spot at the convention and treated like a member of the Republican family. The excuse for cheating him out of a speaking spot was that he was not endorsing Romney, because he is a man of principle, and might discuss issues important to him, like ending the fed. Instead, RINO's like Chris Christie received the majority of the time. In the case of Christie, he spent his speech discussing how great he is and of course we all know how he embraced Obama days before the election.

Now tell me, who did more harm to Romney? Ron Paul standing on principle or Chris Christie heaping praise on Obama? Romney should have won this by a landslide. He didn't because voters stayed home because there was not a large enough difference between him and Obama. He already showed at the convention he was as hungry for power as Obama, he offered no details on how he would balance the budget or pay for increases in military spending. When you add to that he didn't want to name a single department he would cut or stand for civil liberties there simply wasn't much to get excited about for voters.

Now the Republican leadership, which consists of RINO's like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, is already talking about caving in to Obama and the Democrats on issues like tax increases and amnesty. Even more shocking some of the Republican governors now may start instituting Obamamcare instead of standing up and nullifying the law. They would rather be part of the problem than the solution. This will lead to the destruction of the Republican Party, in my opinion.

These RINO's do have opponents in the party like Jim Demint and Rand Paul. Rand Paul, in the video below is mentioned by big government lover, Bill Kristol, as a potential force in the 2016 presidential primary. I agree with him however I believe he is mentioning it as a rallying call to attack Rand Paul, as he is a threat to the establishment.

While that video is fun to watch I disagree with several points made in it. Not all Libertarians are pro-gay marriage and pro-abortion. Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, and myself just to mention a few, are pro-life. I do not believe you can have liberty if you are denied your life before you are even born. But, even looking at most Libertarians position these issues would become states rights to decide, which would lead to banning abortion in many states; which would do more for the pro-life community than Bush or any pro-life president has.

The way to win is with a pro-liberty, less government message and details matter; no one is buying 'just trust us' anymore.


Rev. Paul said...

The GOP is practically finished as a 'voice of the people' but the powers therein haven't figured it out yet.

I'm not a registered Repub, but will be changing my "undeclared" status to something else fairly soon.

DR said...

Are you going to join the Alaskan Independence Party? I think the GOP has lost its relevance in a lot of ways. If a big name person, or two, were to switch I think all of the dominos would fall.