Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day And Honor

We are supposed to honor our armed forces and the veterans who have sacrificed for our freedom today, but what is honor anymore?  Does our society, or our leaders, really honor those who give some or all anymore?  Honor goes beyond the pomp, parade, and pretense of some.  To truly honor them we must be honorable ourselves and worthy of their sacrifice. 

Are we truly worthy of the cost of our freedom of which so many of us take for granted.  Each of us must search our hearts for that place of honor that makes us worthy of the extraordinary sacrifice made for our freedoms. 

We honor them by keeping our freedoms safe at home and not handing them over without so much as a whimper.  We honor them by electing leaders who will bring this country back to the foundations that established those very freedoms to begin with.  We honor them by raising our children to cherish their God, their family, and that freedom above all else and that it is worth that sacrifice. 

Those of us who have not served honor them by humbling ourselves in their memory for serving in our stead because we could not, or would not, serve ourselves.  Those of us who have served honor them by entertaining the ghosts of all that was done and lost in the name of God and country.  We must do this so that the dishonor of those leaders and citizens who do not care for or sacrifice anything for their freedoms does not touch or tarnish the beauty, the greatness, and the frailty of what was so selflessly given. 

Thank you to the most exceptional among us who answered the call knowing the cost; may I never be unworthy of your sacrifice and honor you all the days of my life.

Thank you to my veteran, my loving husband, who sacrificed so much more than anyone will ever know. 

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