Friday, December 21, 2012

State Sen. Glenn Grothman Statement on Election Laws

Glenn Grothman Statement on Election Laws
I have received several questions regarding my opinions on whether any of Wisconsin’s election laws should be changed. Since my comments have not appeared in any of the major papers in the state, this is what I would recommend.
  1. Same-day voter registration must end. Anecdotal evidence from election observers in Milwaukee, Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, along with Racine and Dane Counties show that unqualified voters are voting because of same-day registration. I have always been in favor of getting rid of same-day registration, but I have failed to persuade my colleagues in the past. I would hope we listen to common sense and election observers and replace same-day registration as soon as possible.
  3. Pass a new photo ID law modeled after versions that have already been proven to be constitutional.
  5. Tighten up laws with regard to notice on voting in nursing home type facilities.
  7. Move towards statewide uniform hours for early in-person voting.
  9. Implement reforms on early voting. One of my biggest regrets in the legislature was when I fought, but failed to prevent, the vast expansion of fraud-prone absentee voting for any reason during the 1999-2000 floor period.
There may be some cost related to these items, but having fraud causing the losing candidate to win illegitimately will dwarf any small change in administrative cost. All of the above reforms should be passed and implemented as soon as possible.

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