Thursday, June 27, 2013

Son's Surgery A Success

Our two year old son had successful hernia surgery today. We appreciate continued prayers for a speedy recovery. The doctor said he was born with it, but it became apparent only within the past month. It was on the same side he is missing a kidney. It is so hard as a parent to see your child in pain or for them to have to have surgery at such a young age. He is a giant, for a two-year-old. Built like a linebacker, but for whatever reason his little body has had these challenges.

Praise the Lord, my wife did not listen to the idiot ER doctor at the local hospital who told her it was no big deal and that she should not have brought him in. Instead she took him to our family doctor who sent him to Green Bay where we were informed he would need surgery and that it is a very serious issue.

A word of advice to any parent, listen to your own instinct and not what some quack doctor tells you. You always know your children better than they do.

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