Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Irate, Tireless Minority: Immigration Madness

The senate went ahead and passed the monstrosity put forth by the supposedly(by their republican membership) conservative Gang of Eight. The claim is that we neeeeeeeed immigration reform.
That we need it for a number of reasons and that it wouldn't be fair, somehow, not to reform it.

The question arises "fair to whom?" The overwhelming argument seems to be that those who have come here in violation of our laws are owed some sort of consideration. That even more we must cater to those who have come here illegally and made or brought children with them who are then plunged into a morass of criminal victimization, being both criminals by their presence here and fodder for criminal elements, not the least of whom are the very coyotes who affected their infiltration into our nation.

This is not fair to us. The citizens to whom the Congress is supposed to owe their allegiance. The citizens who elected them. The citizens who can and should recall them.

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