Monday, July 08, 2013

Large Number Of Americans Support Secession

According to new polling data many Americans still recognize the right of secession.  Is it any wonder, as our government continues to lose the little bit of legitimacy it had left, seeing as we have constant spying on and imprisonment of innocent Americans, a militarized law enforcement, and a federal government that believes it is not accountable to the Constitution or the people who elected them? 

How can you have a stable republic if those in authority can chose which laws they will follow, while at the same time regulating every aspect of our businesses and our lives?  Who can honestly tell their children they are as free as they were growing up?  One cannot even receive a single day's respite while viewing the news where some innocent American is not being charged or intimidated unjustly or children facing charges for the shirts they chose to wear to school.  Is there no common sense left in the American people?

The truth is that very little of our founding fathers' vision for our republic remains. 

Most people are just willing to accept any law and regulation, no matter how unconstitutional and have become so uninformed and disinterested as to be little more that puppets for the politicians to manipulate.  After all, how can you defend your rights if you never take the time to learn what they are?  I don't mean what the establishment claims our rights are.  We are blessed with a vast amount of information written directly by our founding fathers themselves.  No manipulation or editing when you read from themselves exactly what their dream for America was. 

Even in Thomas Jefferson's day we had big government statists to deal with, like Alexander Hamilton.  So the political struggle for freedom is never ending.

My encouragement to you is an involved and informed citizenry can affect substantial restoration to this republic.  But, if people are too lazy to get involved then secession may be in our future.

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