Thursday, August 08, 2013

Gov. Walker's And The DNR's Heavy Boot Firmly On The Throat Of Wisconsin Citizens

In yet another example of why Gov. Walker is, in no way, a Conservative, his DNR embarrassed the entire state of Wisconsin nationally by raiding an animal shelter, guns drawn, holding the staff for hours.  This story has been heavily covered so you might ask why we are covering it now.  Because Gov. Walker is up for re-election and I think this example of the states government's abuses towards the citizens of this great state will get a reaction from the most people. 

The DNR's explanation for their Gestapo tactics does not hold water, and if anything, proves that Libertarians are right when they say the drug war and the brutal tactics used to fight it have went too far.  After all, what responsible public servant would compare law abiding volunteers protecting a defenseless animal with violent drug criminals? 

The fact is, there is no justification for the raid, for the violence used, and the brute show of force that wasted untold amounts of tax payer money. 

Many of us  have worked countless hours to elect Republicans statewide, only to see the state government and its abuses continue to grow.  Gov. Walker has failed us on school choice, religious freedom, Constitutional carry, spending, abortion, and right-to-work.  I will not blindly cast a vote for his re-election or any Republican who has rubber stamped his agenda.  His kind of Milwaukee Republicanism is not going to bring jobs to this state. 

Even Michigan has done more to bring jobs into their state.  Why is it so many Conservatives blindly praise Walker as a limited government reformist?  His record does not match that label.  Wisconsin ranks an embarrassing 37th on personal freedom.  Walker has done almost nothing to fix this. 

How long will Wisconsinites continue to support politicians who do nothing to shrink the size and spending of the state government?  How many volunteers have to be held at gun point before the DNR is finally reigned in? 

Next time you are spouting off about the evils of Obama and his police state, remember that Gov. Walker runs his own police state and we are all just pawns in it and expected to pay tribute in outrageous taxes to support it.  Next time you are at your whits-end over your child's failing school, remember to thank Gov. Walker and the Republican leadership who refuse to fight for statewide school choice.

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