Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Parental Notification For Public School Students - The legislation currently known as LRB-0413/1

If you are a parent of children attending Wisconsin public schools you need to know about this Act and you need to contact your senator today. 

In our society today it is becoming more and more common to hear of schools targeting and questioning children in regards to criminal acts.  Parents are being cut out of their role and children are being scapegoated by schools and staff who are putting themselves in the place of law enforcement. 

It is not the school or their staff's place to ever question a child regarding a criminal act, this is the jurisdiction and authority of law enforcement alone who have laws in place to oversee their actions to ensure the child's rights are kept in tact.  Not only does the schools have an obligation to ensure a parent is notified if there is suspicion of criminal activity, but to give the parents a chance to secure their child's rights against abuse.

Read this act and contact you senator and demand that you and your child's rights be protected and for your senator to co-sponsor this act today.

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Call Me Mom said...

Thanks DR/SR. So many parents have no idea this can be done. If they find out, they often lack the Constitutional knowledge or critical thinking skills to refute the claims of those doing this that it is necessary and right to endanger the future of a child without parental notification in order to make the rest "safe".

It is neither necessary nor right, nor should it be "legal".