Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering 9-11 And The Unfortunate Consequences

I want to start by asking for continued prayer over all of the victims' families and for our republic.  It is a shame that after all these years it is still politically incorrect to acknowledge that Islamic terror is our enemy.   Unfortunately, all that happened in response to 9-11 was a massive expansion of government powers by both parties and the destruction of the value of the US dollar. 

We are losing this fight, our borders are wide open, the government monitors every American, and is pushing for even more powers, political correctness has rendered our government and armed forces impotent in dealing with the spread of radical Islam into our schools, laws, and everyday lives. 

Instead of securing our borders and moving our military assets home, our leaders have chosen to spread out and over tax our resources in war after war with no benefit for the American people.  If Congress had declared war, as is proper, and the threat from radical Islam was acknowledged out in the open freely and without fear we could have quickly destroyed and mitigated our enemy.  But, that does not fit the agenda of big government politicians in both parties who wanted excuses to expand governmental powers and continue their pork barrel spending ways.

Greed and political correctness has destroyed the greatest republic the Earth has ever known and the uninformed majority continues to blindly follow their master's every desire. 

On this 9-11, don't just remember, please reach out to inform someone about the legitimate threat we face from radical Islam and from our own government's selfish grab for more power.

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