Friday, December 20, 2013

Release: Governor Signs Mursau Bill into Law

December 20, 2013
CONTACT:     Rep. Jeff Mursau (888) 534-0036 http://Mursau.Assembly.Wisconsin.Gov

Madison … Governor Scott Walker has signed Representative Jeff Mursau’s (R – Crivitz) bill to streamline municipal shoreland zoning in Wisconsin. The law will allow cities and villages to have one zoning law instead of a patchwork of laws when they annex land from towns without their own zoning.

“I appreciate Governor Walker’s support for this law,” Mursau said. “It was ridiculous to expect cities and villages to implement more than one shoreland zoning standard.”

The law narrows regulations to ensure they apply only to natural water bodies. Previously cities and villages had to regulate land adjacent to some drainage ditches and retention ponds the same as they did lakes, streams and rivers.
Senator Tom Tiffany (R – Hazelhurst) was the lead author in the Wisconsin State Senate.


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