Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Chinese Escort Task Group Docks at Vietnam Naval Today

Chinese Escort Task Group Docks at Vietnam Naval Today

SEC Digital Network - 2013 BCS National Championship: AJ McCarron Highlights

STRATFOR: NATO Deploys Patriot Missiles to Turkey.

UK: RN Pilots Warm Up for Landing on New Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers Naval Today

UK: RN Pilots Warm Up for Landing on New Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers Naval Today

Release: Coast Guard rescues surfer swept out to sea

News Release

Coast Guard rescues surfer swept out to sea

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Coast Guard crewmembers from Aids to Navigation Team South Padre Island rescued a stranded surfer that had been pulled to sea in a strong rip current, Tuesday.

Crewmembers from the Aids to Navigation Team were conducting routine maintenance on range markers at 9:45 a.m., when they came across the surfer near the entrance to the South Padre Island jetties. The surfer had been swept away from a nearby beach by a rip current.

The boatcrew took the surfer aboard and brought him to the Isla Blanca boat ramp.

"We recommend that all surfers closely evaluate surf conditions before heading out, always follow the buddy system while surfing, and let a friend know where and for how long you will be surfing," said Lt. Cmdr. Brendan Evans, public affairs officer for Sector Corpus Christi.


Monday, January 07, 2013

MacIver Institute: New Legislative Session Begins in Wisconsin

DR - Our state Republican leadership, starting with Gov. Walker, are wasting the best opportunity to bring jobs to Wisconsin by refusing to support right-to-work legislation. They are starting right off handing the Democrats a victory by refusing to fight for a proven job creator simply because they don't want to fight the Democrats and unions anymore.

Voters across this state worked hard to elect Republican majorities so that real hard decisions would finally be made to make Wisconsin a competitive state. Now they are just continuing the lukewarm leadership that cost us so many elections at the national level. Lead or get out of the way.

Rand Paul in Israel: US foreign aid can'... JPost - International

Rand Paul in Israel: US foreign aid can'... JPost - International

Fracking Amazing: US Carbon Emissions in 2012 Will be Lower than in 2007 Due to Fracking

Fracking Amazing: US Carbon Emissions in 2012 Will be Lower than in 2007 Due to Fracking

Commanding Officer of USS Montpelier Relieved of Duty Naval Today

Commanding Officer of USS Montpelier Relieved of Duty Naval Today

Les Misérables


Journal Times editorial -- Vos is right: State tax code is overdue for an overhaul

Journal Times editorial -- Vos is right: State tax code is overdue for an overhaul

The editorial I linked to is a pretty decent look at Speaker Vos's tax code agenda.  I certainly disagree with their praise of Obama and the Congress' raising of our taxes without any meaningful cuts in spending.  But, it is about as good as you are going to get from the mainstream media. 

Speaker Robin Vos is already articulating an interesting agenda for the year ahead.  Let's hope that with leadership, at the state level, we will be able to insulate Wisconsin from the disastrous, socialist policies of Obama and the Democrat Party.  It is important that state leaders also move on right-to-work legislation so that Wisconsin is competitive for years to come. 

Sunday, January 06, 2013

US Navy: Week in Review for Dec. 29, 2012 - Jan. 4, 2013

Sen. Ron Johnson: Weekly Report from Washington, D.C.

January 04, 2013

Johnson Comments on Fiscal Cliff Vote

Although I strongly prefer extension of current tax rates for all Americans, I supported the compromise bill that protects 99% of Wisconsinites from an income tax increase, limits the death tax, and prevents a dramatic increase in milk prices. It is by no means a perfect piece of legislation.

The revenue raised by this legislation will equal approximately 7% of projected deficits. It is now time for President Obama and his Democrat colleagues to show the American public their plan to close the other 93% of the deficit.

Our nation's debt now stands at $16.4 trillion, and has reached its statutory limit. We blew through the $2.1 trillion increase in the debt ceiling granted in August 2011 in only 17 months. This is clearly unsustainable, and President Obama must begin to work with Congress to reduce the size, scope, and cost of government.
We are mortgaging our children's future. This is immoral and it must stop.

Johnson Calls for Spending Reductions

President Obama got what he demanded, a tax increase on the job-creating sector of America's economy – ‘the rich.’ It will harm economic growth, hinder new job creation and, at most, reduce our annual deficit by about 5%.

President Obama then left town with 95% of the deficits still unresolved. Treasury Secretary Geithner issued a statement on December 31st that the nation had already gone over the debt ceiling cliff - $16.4 trillion. President Obama blew through the most recent $2.1 trillion debt ceiling in only 17 months. This fiscal path is clearly unsustainable.

Now is not the time to declare victory and go on vacation. Now it is time for President Obama and Democrats in the Senate to show the American people their plans to save Social Security and Medicare, and to address the remaining 95% of our annual deficit which is projected to exceed $1 trillion for the fifth year in a row. This U.S. Senator will not vote to increase the debt unless serious spending reductions are part of the package.

President Obama and Harry Reid got their tax increase. Where is their so-called balance? Where is their spending reduction plan? The clock is ticking towards a debt ceiling bubble that will explode in just a few weeks.

Johnson Joins Baldwin for Swearing In

Yesterday I joined Senator Tammy Baldwin as she was sworn-in to the United States Senate.
It was my honor to join Senator Baldwin as she was sworn in to the United States Senate. I look forward to working with her on the issues and challenges so important to the people of Wisconsin and the nation.

Johnson, Baldwin Bet on Packers-Vikings Game

Tammy Baldwin and I announced a friendly wager with Senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar (MN) on the outcome of this Saturday’s Packers-Vikings playoff game.

Wisconsin is known for its fine cheeses and other dairy products, but our state produces many great beers as well. Senator Baldwin and I are proud to offer a selection of microbrews and traditional labels against the best that Minnesota has to offer.

"This has been an exciting week,” Baldwin commented, ”but it’s only going to get better when the Packers beat the Vikings and put an end to this trash talking from my Minnesota colleagues."

Johnson Committee Assignments for 113th Congress

The Senate Republican Conference announced Committee assignments for Republican Senators for the 113th Congress yesterday. I will be serving on the following committees:

Committee on the Budget
Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation
Committee on Foreign Relations
Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship

I have always said that the excessive size, scope, and cost of government is bankrupting our country and hurting economic growth. I’m pleased that my committee assignments over the next two years will enable me to focus on reining in Washington overreach – as well as advancing America’s economic and security interests abroad.

Senator Johnson Announces Staff Mobile Office Hours

I announced earlier this week that my staff would be available for mobile office hours at the dates and locations listed below. These office hours allow constituents to meet with my staff to request assistance with a federal agency or regarding other federal matters.

Monday, January 7th, 9:00 am - 10:00 am
Ogdensburg Village Hall
407 Main Street, Ogdensburg, WI 54962

Monday, January 7th, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Amherst Village Hall
160 Mill Street, Amherst, WI 54406

Thursday, January 10th, 10:30 am - 11:30 am
Wabeno Town Hall
4473 North Branch Street, Wabeno, WI 54566

Navy Implements Changes to INSURV