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Armed Forces Day

On this Armed Forces Day we remember our military personnel through out the World who are selflessly serving our great Republic. I would also like to thank all the family members and the veterans who have served before.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sen. Tiffany's E-update

May 17th, 2013

Recap From Session

On Tuesday afternoon, a significant wildfire began in the Town of Gordon in Douglas county, burning into the Town of Highland, destroying several dozen structures. This is the largest forest fire to hit northern Wisconsin in the last 33 years. Here is an aerial picture of the blaze.

The fire was declared 100 percent contained as of 9 p.m. on Wednesday with all public roads open. The size of the burned area is estimated to be slightly above 8,000 acres. The fire is contained but not yet fully under control. There remain some hot spots and the DNR Bureau of Forest Protection is working hard to extinguish them so they can begin the clean up phase. The fire started from a logging crew harvesting timber on industrial timber lands. A thorough investigation has demonstrated that no negligence was involved and there was no intentional setting of the fire.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the fire. This unfortunate incident underscores a concern that I have had for a long time--there is too much dead timber lying on the forest floor. Fires will happen from time to time, but they spread quickly when they have the necessary fuel. We have seen it happen more frequently out West, but our current forestry practices leave us just as vulnerable--there is twice as much mortality as harvest on US Forest Service lands. This overage timber is the perfect fuel to support and spread a wildfire.

My Column on Stewardship

Today I submitted a column to local media to share my thoughts on Stewardship in the Governor's proposed budget. I have received some calls and emails in support of this program but would like to shed a bit of light on how much it actually costs Wisconsin taxpayers. You can find the pdf here.

DOT District Updates

Here are some construction updates for highways in the district that will take place this week:
Langlade County

Highway: US 45
Location: South Langlade County line to WIS 47
Schedule: May 22 to July 2013
Description: Crews will resurface the highway.
Traffic impacts: The highway will remain open to traffic during construction. Motorists can expect to encounter lane closures and flagging operations.

Lincoln County

Highway: US 51
Location: intersection with Lincoln County C/North Star Road, town of Merrill
Schedule: May 13 to late September 2013
Description: Crews will construct an overpass of US 51 at this location, removing at-grade access to the freeway.

Traffic impacts: During construction, motorists on US 51 can expect to encounter single lane closures. Once construction begins, crews will permanently remove Lincoln County C access to US 51. The North Star Road access to US 51 will be permanently closed following improvements to the railroad crossing on North Star Road. Some nighttime closures of the freeway will be required to set girders for the new structure. When the freeway is closed, motorists will be detoured via County K. Railroad crossing repairs on North Star Road are currently expected to begin the week of May 20. When crews begin the railroad repairs, North Star road will be closed at the tracks for approximately one week.
The North Central Region of the DOT announced today the schedule for removing the springtime posted road weight restrictions for another district highway:
Posted road weight restrictions on the following highways will be removed at 8 a.m. on Monday, May 20:
• WIS 55, Forest County, from Argonne Road to Michigan State line.

Quarterly Deadline for WI No Call List is May 31st

The quarterly deadline for Wisconsin’s No Call List is May 31. All registrations that are added on or before that day will receive protections from unwanted phone solicitations and text messages beginning on July 1. The free No Call service is managed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. The service covers Wisconsin consumers’ residential landline, VoIP, and cellular numbers and includes protections against unwanted text messages and telephone calls. Registrations are good for two years, but consumers can re-register their numbers at any time.
The list is updated four times per calendar year (January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1). The registration process is continuous, but those who sign up after the upcoming May 31 deadline will not be added to the list until October 1.

To add a number(s) to the list, residents can visit or dial 1-866-9NO-CALL (1-866-966-2255). The website and toll-free number are available all day, every day. Political calls, calls from non-profit organizations, and calls made in response to your written or verbal request or permission are not covered by the No Call law.
While the program seems important, it is actually redundant and costs the state roughly $192,000 annually. There is currently a federal No Call List ( which prevents the same calls and text messages from being received. On top of that, the registration does not expire. We need to be better stewards of taxpayer money in Madison, which is why I have authored Senate Bill 155. Wisconsin residents will continue to be protected by Wisconsin's more consumer-friendly laws but not have the confusion of having to add their numbers to multiple lists.

Inter-professional Healthcare Case Competition for Students

As the college school year comes to an end, you might know an ambitious student already looking for things to do next semester. Wisconsin Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) is delighted to announce a new statewide program for all Wisconsin college students:
The 2014 Inter-professional Healthcare Case Competition

Teams of 4-5 health profession students from different majors/degrees will work on the case together during the Fall of 2013 semester and compete for cash prizes when presenting their findings to a panel of health care professionals. The statewide competition event will be held January 9-10, 2014, in Wisconsin Dells. Room accommodations at the Kalahari Resort will be provided by Wisconsin AHEC.

Students are encouraged to form a team over the summer. Teams can apply online beginning September 3. For more information, please take a look at this pdf.

The contact person for this event is Jill Niemczyk, Northeastern WI AHEC; Phone: (920) 652-0238; Email:

Energy Saving Tip
Here's a little tip we recently received about saving money on energy costs this summer. Considering what spring has been like, it might seem you'll never need your air conditioner again. Knowing Wisconsin weather patterns, you will, and now, when you don't have too much use for it, is the perfect time to get it ready for those hotter months. Outdoor units can use a good bath this time of year. Open the breaker, clear out last fall's leaves, and use a garden hose to flush away accumulated grime to obtain maximum efficiency.

Rep. Mike Kelly Receives Standing Ovation at Ways & Means Hearing on IRS Scandal

Obama: Already a Multiple Lawbreaker

Obama: Already a Multiple Lawbreaker

WI DNR - Warden Wire: Statewide suspension of burning permits lifted; DNR FLIR plane used to find hot spots

Two quick updates from the Douglas County wildfire, also known as the Germann Road Fire:

The DNR has lifted its statewide suspension of all burning permits. However, there are some counties with restrictions. Please check your county's status at this link below. You also are encouraged to check with your local officials for any additional restsrictions.

The DNR's FLIR plane (this is the aircraft equipped with the infrared camera) flew over the wildfire area last night detecting hot spots. Fire crews today are working to suppress those spots.

Stay safe!

A Fighter With Naval DNA - Gripen

A Fighter With Naval DNA - Gripen

RIA Novosti: Russian Navy Gets Advanced Stealth Corvette

RIA NovostiRussian Navy Gets Advanced Stealth CorvetteRussian Navy Gets Advanced Stealth Corvette
12:51 16/05/2013 Russia’s newest Baltic Fleet warship, the Project 20380 Boiky corvette, was handed over to the Navy on Thursday, a fleet spokesman said.>>

Blog: They're Marines, Mr. President, not Butlers...

Blog: They're Marines, Mr. President, not Butlers...

PRESS RELEASE: U.S. Representative Massie Speaks Against the Internet Sales Tax on House Floor

For Immediate Release
Thursday May 16, 2013 (202) 225-3465
U.S. Representative Massie Speaks Against the Internet Sales Tax on House Floor
“For the first time in history, with this bill, Congress would grant states jurisdiction beyond their physical borders”

– Yesterday, Representative Thomas Massie led a 30-minute Special Order speech on the House Floor along with fellow Reps. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Steve Daines (R-MT). The Congressmen spoke in opposition to H.R. 684, the Marketplace Fairness Act, otherwise known as the Internet sales tax. In addition to the speech, Massie earlier spearheaded the circulation of a letter to House leadership objecting to the bill.

“I’m a strong proponent of the tenth amendment. But this bill does not protect states’ rights,” said Rep. Massie. “In fact, this bill changes the very constitutional fabric of the United States of America by subjecting people and businesses in one state to taxes and regulations of another state. This is unprecedented.”

The Marketplace Fairness Act, which the Senate passed 69-27, would force online businesses, even those located in states with no sales tax, to act as tax collectors for states and local jurisdictions across the nation. Additionally, the bill would subject Americans to taxes and regulations from jurisdictions in which they have no representation.

Massie continued: “For the first time in history, with this bill, Congress would grant states jurisdiction beyond their physical borders. If this bill passes, we’ll have a virtual United States of America, where borders no longer mean anything. Justice Marshall ruled that the power to tax is the power to destroy. And we were reminded last week by the IRS that the power to tax is the power to harass.”

View a video of the speech in full here.


ReasonTV - West Wing Weak: Your Guide to Obama's Scandal-Filled Week

USS Lake Erie Launches Interceptor Missile

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rand Paul: There Was A "Cover Up" With Benghazi - CNN

h/t:  Eduardo89rp

Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Has Been Trying To Escape Culpability On Benghazi - Glenn Beck

h/t: Eduardo89rp

Release: Second Court Rules That Another NLRB “Recess Appointment” by President Obama Is Unconstitutional

A Second Court Rules That Another NLRB “Recess Appointment” by President Obama’s Is Unconstitutional
‘For the second time this year, an appeals court reaffirmed what Republicans and job creators around the country have been saying: the President’s attempt to circumvent the Senate with a supposed ‘appointment’ to the NLRB was made outside the law’
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit today ruled that a so-called “recess appointment” by President Obama to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Craig Becker, was invalid. The Court ruled (2 to 1) that a “Recess” of the Senate applies only to inter-session recesses of the Senate, not to intra-session recesses of the Senate. The court agreed with the D.C. Circuit in the Noel Canning case.
“For the second time this year, an appeals court reaffirmed what Republicans and job creators around the country have been saying: the President’s attempt to circumvent the Senate with a supposed ‘recess appointment’ to the NLRB was made outside the law,” Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said.
In its ruling today (NLRB v. New Vista Nursing and Rehabilitation), the Court found that the President’s action resulted in a nominee being “invalidly recess appointed to the Board during the March 2010 intrasession break” and therefore “vacate[d] the [NLRB’s] orders” in the New Vista case.
The Court said the Administration’s argument that the Senate is in recess for purposes of the Recess Appointments Clause even when it is meeting regularly “was incompatible with the Constitution,” and “would eviscerate the [Constitution’s]divided-powers framework.” If the Administration’s view of the Recess Appointment Clause were to prevail, the Court said, “then the President could circumvent the Senate’s constitutional role simply by waiting until senators go home for the evening.”
Given that the Senate had passed legislation that the Administration wanted during the same type of session that the Administration now says doesn’t count, the Court also noted that the Administration’s position would lead to absurd results: “Holding that the Senate is unavailable during these sessions requires a definition of availability that allows the counterintuitive situation in which the Senate is available to enact legislation while simultaneously unavailable to provide its advice and consent.”
“Last year, the President made an unprecedented power grab by placing political allies at a powerful federal agency without even trying to obtain the Senate’s advice and consent. Earlier this year, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit correctly struck down the unlawful, so-called ‘appointments’ to the NLRB,” Sen. McConnell said, “It’s time for the unlawfully appointed nominees to step down.”

China Defense Blog: Chinese navy forms 1st carrier-borne jet force

China Defense Blog: Chinese navy forms 1st carrier-borne jet force: Chinese navy forms 1st carrier-borne jet force Xinhua, May 11, 2013 A ca...

WUPN: Wisconsin Stewardship: Republicans Rolled Over

Wisconsin Stewardship: Republicans Rolled Over

Reason: The Free State Project Grows Up

The Free State Project Grows Up

Report: No evidence files deleted in bad faith in redistricting case : Wsj

Report: No evidence files deleted in bad faith in redistricting case : Wsj

Four Cincy IRS workers, not two, allegedly connected to scandal - News, Weather & Sports

Four Cincy IRS workers, not two, allegedly connected to scandal - News, Weather & Sports

Liberal talk radio host Bill Press calls for Holder to be fired - The Hill's Twitter Room

Liberal talk radio host Bill Press calls for Holder to be fired - The Hill's Twitter Room

Release: Coast Guard station opens doors for National Safe Boating Week

News Release

Coast Guard station opens doors for National Safe Boating Week

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Coast Guard and maritime partnering agencies will be providing a National Safe Boating Week open house at Coast Guard Station Port Aransas, Saturday.

Who: The Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Texas Department of Public Safety Marine Division and other partner agencies
What: A National Safe Boating Week open house
When: Saturday, May 18, 2013, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Where: 800 North Station Street, Port Aransas, Texas, 78373
The following guest speakers will provide opening remarks at the event at 10:30 a.m.:
  • Mayor Keith McMullin
  • Capt. Samuel Creech, the commanding officer of Coast Guard Sector Corpus Christi
  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Matt Vaughn, the officer in charge of Coast Guard Station Port Aransas
  • Lou Manganiello, the Coast Guard Auxiliary Commander of Division 7.
There will be various official rescue boats on display for public viewing, interactive booths that teach boater safety and a maritime pyrotechnic demonstration of handheld flares for boater awareness and education. Food and beverages will be available.

Coastie, an animated robot tugboat, will be on hand to interact and entertain children while teaching them what to do and not to do when on or around the water.

“Boating safety and education is a key element to a safe and enjoyable maritime experience,” said Senior Chief Petty Officer Matt Vaughn. “Our event at Coast Guard Station Port Aransas is an opportunity to engage with the maritime community in a positive and proactive manner. National statistics suggest that a lack of boater education and proper equipment knowledge are a major component in marine accidents. We'd like to take this opportunity to promote safe boating and prevent accidents before they happen and ultimately build our community relationships.”

National Safe Boating Week reminds boaters to “Wear It!” this summer. A life jacket is one of the most effective and simple proven life-saving strategies for safe recreational boating. During all recreational water activities it’s important to remember safety precautions. With approximately 500 people drowning each year from recreational boating accidents, it is imperative to spread the message of responsible boating and a simple life-saving strategy – “Wear It!” – wear a life jacket at all times on the water.

Station Port Aransas was originally opened on June 18, 1878, as a life saving station in Port Aransas by an act of Congress. In January of 1915, the modern day Coast Guard was formed, and the life-saving station on Mustang Island became Coast Guard Station Port Aransas. This station remained occupied by the crew until 1976, when it was replaced by the current Coast Guard station you see today.

For more information, contact Lt. Cmdr. Brendan Evans at (361) 438-0176.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

USS San Antonio Participates in IMCMEX 13

USS San Antonio Participates in IMCMEX 13

BAHRAIN (May 12, 2013) An aerial view of U.S Naval ships moored in Bahrain in preparation for International Mine Countermeasures Exercise (IMCMEX) 2013. IMCMEX 13 includes navies from more than 40 countries whose focus is to promote regional security through mine countermeasure operations in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Michael Sandberg/Released)

From USS San Antonio Public Affairs
SAN ANTONIO, At Sea (NNS) -- The amphibious transport dock ship USS San Antonio (LPD 17) departed Bahrain in support of the International Mine Countermeasures Exercise 2013 (IMCMEX13), May 14.

Cmdr. Neil Koprowski, commanding officer, San Antonio, welcomed aboard officers from seven nations including the United Kingdom, Australia and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) partners.

"It's a pleasure to welcome on board USS San Antonio so many fellow [international] naval officers for the first time," said Koprowski. "Our job during IMCMEX13 is to establish and test our ability to operate in partnership, to combat threats to maritime trade."

San Antonio is the flagship of the Combined Task Force (CTF) 523 for IMCMEX13. The command team aboard San Antonio will plan and execute numerous defense exercises using joint and coalition surface and air forces.

The ship's participation introduces Maritime Infrastructure Protection (MIP) serials to this year's exercise, which focuses on protecting maritime points of origin and arrival, such as ports or offshore terminals. This portion of the exercise will include shore and harbor security operations; visit, board, search and seizure (VBSS) teams; and the use of specialized aircraft.

San Antonio is part of the Kearsarge Amphibious Ready Group and, with the embarked 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (26th MEU), is deployed in support of maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts in the U.S. 5th Fleet Area of Responsibility (AOR).

For further information, contact the public affairs officer at Expeditionary Strike Group FIVE, 011-973-1785-6955 or .

For more news from Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/5th Fleet, visit

ReasonTV: Feds Push Insane New Speech Codes!

New National Strategy for the Arctic Region has Implications for Navy

New National Strategy for the Arctic Region has Implications for Navy

By Bob Freeman, Office of the Oceanographer of the Navy
WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The White House released a new National Strategy for the Arctic Region Friday, May 10, reflecting a growing recognition that the Arctic is opening up for human enterprise and will increasingly become a strategic priority for the United States.

As a maritime domain, the Arctic is also a key area of interest for the U.S. Navy. In 2009 the Navy signaled a renewed interest in the region with the release of an Arctic Roadmap to guide Navy policy, actions, and future investments related to the region.

"In the past the Arctic Ocean was largely inaccessible due to sea ice," said Rear Adm. Jon White, the Navy's senior oceanographer and director of Task Force Climate Change. "But diminishing sea ice is opening the region for greater economic development and human activity."

In a posting on the White House blog site, Patricia Cogswell of the National Security Staff stated that the new strategy "sets the U.S. Government's strategic priorities for the Arctic region." She described the end goal as "an Arctic region that is stable and free of conflict, where nations act responsibly in a spirit of trust and cooperation, and where economic opportunities are pursued in a sustainable and responsible manner."

The strategy identifies three primary lines of effort for the federal government, each of which impacts the sea services. The first line of effort is "advancing U.S. security interests," a primary mission area of the Navy.

"The U.S. Navy is currently engaged in strategic planning to increase operational capabilities and infrastructure in the Arctic in future years," White said. "Within the next decade, I believe we'll be operating routinely in the Arctic with an appropriate presence that includes more than just submarines. We need to start preparing for that now," he added.

While he sees no imminent threat of conflict in the Arctic, White believes the presence of well-meaning naval forces acts as a stabilizing influence toward mutual prosperity and safe maritime activity.

A second line of effort is "pursuing responsible stewardship."

The strategy points out that the U.S. territorial waters in the Arctic are potentially rich in oil, natural gas, and mineral resources, and also offer commercial fishing and shipping opportunities. It emphasizes the management and development of resources in a sustainable manner that respects the fragile environment and the interests of indigenous peoples.

This line of effort includes an emphasis on research to better understand the changing climate and improve Arctic weather forecast capabilities, and on high resolution surveying of the seabed.

According to White, the Navy is already investing in significant Arctic research. "It is important that we improve our understanding of the environment for safety of operations," White noted, "because the Arctic will remain a harsh and challenging environment even as it becomes more accessible and active."

White pointed out that the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command, headquartered at the Stennis Space Center, Miss., has assets that can assist in this national effort. The command manages a fleet of six world-class ocean survey vessels and operates some of the world's finest oceanographic analysis and prediction computer models.

The Navy also partners with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Coast Guard to monitor polar ice movement at the National Naval Ice Center in Suitland, Md. This is in line with the National Arctic Strategy's third line of effort - building and maintaining cooperative relations with other federal agencies, as well as with Arctic nations and allies.

In an article posted by the American Forces Press Service on Friday, Dr. Daniel Y. Chiu, deputy assistant secretary of defense for strategy, said "DoD sees the opening of the Arctic waters in the decades ahead as a prime opportunity to work cooperatively in multilateral forums over time to promote a balanced approach to improving human and environmental security in the region."

"The Navy's global area of responsibility is growing as we add new coastline and a new ocean," White said. "With the fiscal challenges confronting us, we must use cooperative multilateral partnerships to successfully build an Arctic-capable force for the future."

White noted that the remoteness of the region, the vast area, the harsh environment, and the lack of supporting infrastructure combine to make the Arctic a more challenging environment than other oceans.

"The Navy will work closely with the U.S. Coast Guard and other Arctic nation sea services to ensure we can meet the same mission requirements in the Arctic as we do in, on, and above every other ocean in the world," White said.

The new Arctic strategy also emphasizes the importance of U.S. accession to the U. N. Convention on the Law of the Sea. According to White, the Convention preserves the rights, freedoms, and use of the sea while addressing resource development and national sovereignty claims. "The Navy has long supported ratification of the convention," White said. "Our allies and partners need the U.S. to acceed to the convention so that we may help influence the resolution of complex issues in every ocean."

Sen. Rand Paul - Release: Senate Democrats Block Sen. Paul’s Resolution Condemning IRS

Senate Democrats Block Sen. Paul’s Resolution Condemning IRS

May 15, 2013
Today, Senate Democrats placed a hold on Sen. Rand Paul's recent resolution that condemns the targeting of Tea Party groups by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and calls for an investigation into this practice.

"This resolution is not about Republican vs. Democrat or conservative vs. liberal. It is about arrogant and unrestrained government vs. the rule of law. The First Amendment cannot and should not be renegotiated depending on which party holds power," Sen. Paul said. "Each senator took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, yet Senate Democrats chose to block my resolution and thus refused to condemn the IRS for trampling on our First Amendment rights. I am incredibly disappointed in Washington's party politics and I am determined to hold the IRS accountable for these unjust acts."

A copy of the blocked resolution can be found HERE.

Sen. Paul appears on Fox and Friends

WI DNR - Warden Wire: WILDFIRE UPDATE: Propery status hotline activated; fire 90 to 95 percent contained

Hotline created; air support big partners in fire fight; shifting winds may help push fire away

Here are some quick updates about the ongoing Douglas County Wildfire, also known as the Germann Road Fire, that has burned about 9,000 acres but is about 90 to 95 percent contained.

  • The DNR activated a Hotline for residents whose properties may have been impacted by the wildfire. The Hotline is to learn status of properties as well as to schedule escorted visits to homes and other properties to retrieve pets and supplies. The Hotline number is: 715-376-4185.
  • The weather forecast is for the winds to shift from the northwest to the west. This shift may help push the fire from the more populated areas.
  • The National Guard Blackhawk Helicopters and two water bombers sent from Ontario have provided excellent support for fire crews working in hot areas on the ground.
  • And the conservation wardens remain on wildfire duty. They are assisting with the fire investigation -- the cause of this wildfire is unknown. They also are helping with evacuations and other public safety needs, and they are monitoring lake activity while the planes fly down to grab water for more aerial drops.
  • The DNR has created a new web page dedicated to the fire.
  • Very High fire danger present in state. ALL DNR fire permits suspended for today. Red Flag Warning in Florence and Marinette counties. Exercise extreme caution with outdoor activities today.
  • If you see smoke in the air, call 911 immediately.

Stay safe!

Release - Sen. Ron Johnson: CBO Makes Clear American Cannot Afford Obamacare

May 15 2013

Johnson: CBO Makes Clear American Cannot Afford Obamacare

Washington, D.C. – Senator Ron Johnson (WI) released the following statement regarding the Congressional Budget Office’s updated estimate of the cost of Obamacare:

“The President and his allies in Congress sold Obamacare by promising it would cost the taxpayers less than $1 trillion in its first decade. Instead, the Congressional Budget Office now makes clear that once fully implemented, it will cost far more than that over its first ten years: a whopping $1.8 trillion.

“Obamacare will reduce medical innovation and the quality of care, increase wait times, lead to rationing, and bust the federal budget. Senators showed their concern about the cost of the program recently by approving a budget resolution that included my amendment to require more comprehensive Obamacare cost estimates. That provision was adopted on a bipartisan vote of the Budget Committee.

“The Senate Majority Leader and the Senate author of Obamacare, Democrats Harry Reid (NV) and Max Baucus (MT), recently called the implementation of Obamacare a train wreck. I agree. And in addition, it will wreck our wallets too.”


Cartoon: Obama the Crook

IRS Scandal Reaches Farther Than Just Cincinnati

IRS Scandal Reaches Farther Than Just Cincinnati

RIA Novosti: Russia Puts Finishing Touches on Indian Aircraft Carrier

RIA NovostiThe aircraft carrier INS VikramadityaRussia Puts Finishing Touches on Indian Aircraft Carrier
07:24 15/05/2013 The aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya has been put in a dry dock at Russia’s Sevmash shipyard for “cosmetic” repairs ahead of final sea trials and delivery to the Indian navy later this year, the company said.>>

WIDNR - Warden Wire: Douglas Co. wildfire takes about 9,000 acres; statewide fire alerts on for today

Wildfire crews, wardens on duty in northwest; state on very high fire alert

Wildfire risk again elevates statewide with dry, windy conditions and Red Flag warnings for two counties

A day after a wildfire consumed nearly 9,000 acres and 47 structures in Douglas County, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, in conjunction with the National Weather Service, issued a Red Flag Warning today for Florence and Marinette counties and suspended all DNR burning permits statewide.

A Red Flag Warning is issued when wind, temperature and humidity combine to produce conditions supporting extreme fire behavior, should a fire occur. Introducing any fire in the outdoors is strongly discouraged today.

In addition to the DNR suspension of all burning permits, you should check with your local fire officials for any additional restrictions in place.

This alert means that large forest fires are possible due to the predicted weather conditions. Continued dry and windy weather in much of Wisconsin is pushing wildfire risks into the “very high” range in most of the state.

DNR fire control officials say hazardous conditions are expected to continue until there is a change in current weather patterns. Fire danger ratings are available on line at keyword “fire.”

Under extreme conditions fires start easily from a match, hot coals, vehicle exhaust systems, or spark, burn fiercely and move into tree tops readily.

“We’re urging extreme caution in all outdoor activities,” DNR Bureau of Forest Protection Director Trent Marty says. “We request that no campfires be made, that persons refrain from smoking in woody or grassy areas and dispose of hot ashes or charcoal briquettes in a non-combustible container with a lid. We are also asking that people report any smoke they see in the air immediately by dialing 911.

“We cannot afford another big fire today,” says Marty. “We have several resources from outside the area assisting with suppression efforts in the north. Public compliance would be greatly appreciated in this time of increased fire risk.”

U.S. Navy Photo of the Day

SUEZ CANAL (Oct. 12, 2012) The guided-missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) is underway in the Suez Canal. The U.S. Navy is reliable, flexible, and ready to respond worldwide on, above, and below the sea. Join the conversation on social media using #warfighting. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jared King/Released)

No Border Security Before Amnesty Will Bankrupt America

No Border Security Before Amnesty Will Bankrupt America

As Naval Academy plebes near finish line, Sea Trials test their will - Naval Academy | Military

As Naval Academy plebes near finish line, Sea Trials test their will - Naval Academy | Military

Boehner on IRS: ‘Who’s going to jail over this?’ - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Boehner on IRS: ‘Who’s going to jail over this?’ - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

STRATFOR: Growing Discontent in the EU

The IRS wants YOU — to share everything - David Nather and Tarini Parti and Byron Tau -

The IRS wants YOU — to share everything - David Nather and Tarini Parti and Byron Tau -

FREEDOM EDEN: Obama: Statement on IRS Scandal

FREEDOM EDEN: Obama: Statement on IRS Scandal: This is pathetic. Regarding the systematic targeting of conservative groups by the IRS, Obama has spoken. Here's his statement : I ...

MacIver Institute: Andre Jacque Proposes Bill to Remove Misleading "Police and Fire Protection" Fee

NAVFAC Pacific Welcomes New Commander to Helm

NAVFAC Pacific Welcomes New Commander to Helm

By Krista K. Catian, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Pacific Public Affairs
PEARL HARBOR (NNS) -- Capt. Bret Muilenburg relieved Rear Adm. Scott Weikert as commander of Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Pacific during a change of command ceremony May 14 at NAVFAC Pacific headquarters.

NAVFAC Commander and Chief of Civil Engineers Rear Adm. Kate Gregory delivered the keynote address and welcomed Muilenburg back to the NAVFAC team and praised Weikert for the sacrifices he's made to serve in the Pacific.

"We are lucky to have Bret Muilenburg take on this position. There's nobody better suited for this job," said Gregory. "He really understands what we, the NAVFAC team, does out in the Pacific. We welcome and thank you for all that you've done to prepare and be here for this."

Muilenburg, a familiar face around the Navy community in Hawaii, most recently served with Commander, Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT) as a staff member; chief of staff for Commander, Navy Region Hawaii (CNRH); and commanding officer of NAVFAC Hawaii.

Muilenburg was nominated in March for appointment to the rank of rear admiral and assumes command of approximately 4,000 military and civilian men and women who work for NAVFAC Pacific and its three Facilities Engineering Commands in Hawaii, Guam and Japan. He will also serve as the PACFLT Civil Engineer.

A native of Titusville, Fla., Muilenburg was commissioned a Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) officer after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1984. His extensive educational background includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science Degree in Engineering Management from George Washington University, and Master of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering and Science from Stanford University. In addition, Muilenburg completed the Executive Education Advanced Program at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

He is a qualified Seabee Combat Warfare (SCW) Officer and his operational tours of duty include assignments with Naval Mobile Construction Battalions (NMCB) 62, 133 and 7, along with the 30th Naval Construction Regiment (NCR). Prior to reporting to PACFLT in 2012, Muilenburg served as commodore, 30th NCR; and commander, Task Force Forager and theater engineers for International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Joint Command in Afghanistan.

"It's nice to be back, we're delighted and particularly glad to have the opportunity now to work with NAVFAC Pacific," said Muilenburg. "This organization is known for decades for handling tough jobs with extreme competence and achievement with quality individuals, which I've had the pleasure to work with these past months, and I look forward to the future with you. I'm very proud to serve with all of you folks."

Muilenburg is a registered professional engineer in Virginia, a member of the Defense Acquisition Corps and his personal awards include Legion of Merit (three awards), Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal (four awards), Navy Commendation Medal (two awards), Army Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal, and the Commander in Chief, U.S. Naval Forces Europe Environmental Quality Award.

"Admiral Weikert sacrificed a lot to make sure our Navy could do what it needed to do to provide security out here in the Pacific," said Gregory. "It's truly a tremendous effort, and I thank you for all you've done to make that happen. You have really shown what it means to be a naval officer and citizen of the United States."

Weikert served as NAVFAC Pacific commander from October 2012 to May 2013. During his tenure, he led and inspired the team in fiscally challenging times and was a tremendous leader and team player. He will continue to serve as deputy commander for NAVFAC and deputy chief of civil engineers. Weikert plans to retire from the Navy in September 2013.

"This has been one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences in my professional career," said Weikert. "I've never served in Hawaii and didn't know what Ohana was about, but I do now. I have the greatest respect and admiration for you, your patience, your perseverance, your professionalism and for the broad range of products and service you provide to our Navy. I thank you for everything you've taught me, and I will forever be grateful for that."

For more information, visit,, or .

For more news from Naval Facilities Engineering Command, visit .

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

McConnell: 'We’ve Only Started to Scratch the Surface of This Scandal'

McConnell: 'We’ve Only Started to Scratch the Surface of This Scandal'

X-47B Completes First Carrier-based Launch (Short)

U.S. Navy Photo of the Day

PACIFIC OCEAN (June 6, 2012) The Oliver Hazard Perry-class guide-missile frigate USS Underwood (FFG 36) sails by a memorial buoy for the Chilean naval ship Esmeralda. Underwood is deployed to Central and South America in support of Southern Seas 2012. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Frank J. Pikul/Released)

On Politics: Scott Walker jumps into IRS debate : Wsj

On Politics: Scott Walker jumps into IRS debate : Wsj

WUPN: Wisconsin, Your No Texas

Wisconsin, Your No Texas

Marines Travel to Arctic Circle

Rep. Issa: ‘How dare’ Obama suggest he can fairly investigate IRS - The Hill

Rep. Issa: ‘How dare’ Obama suggest he can fairly investigate IRS - The Hill

Business Insider: North America Is Setting Off An Oil Supply Shock That Is Rippling Through The World

RIA Novosti: Putin Vows Snap Military Drills in Future – Kremlin

RIA NovostiBlack Sea Military Drills (archive)Putin Vows Snap Military Drills in Future – Kremlin

23:40 13/05/2013 Russian President Vladimir Putin praised on Monday the results of the recent surprise military drills as a good way to keep the armed forces in good shape and vowed to continue similar practices in the future, the Kremlin’s spokesman said.>>

USS Kearsarge Visits Israel

USS Kearsarge Visits Israel

GULF OF OMAN (May 2, 2013) The amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) conducts operations at sea. Kearsarge is the flagship for the Kearsarge Amphibious Ready Group and, with the embarked 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, is deployed supporting maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Corbin J. Shea/Released)

From Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet Public Affairs
EILAT, Israel (NNS) -- The multi-purpose amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge (LHD 3), along with embarked Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (26th MEU) arrived in Eilat, Israel for a regularly scheduled port visit, May 14.

While in port, the officers, Sailors and Marines will meet with local officials, participate in community engagement projects and experience the rich history and culture of the region.

This visit is not associated with, nor a reaction to, any world events.

Kearsarge is the flagship of the Kearsarge Amphibious Ready Group (ARG), which includes the dock landing ship USS Carter Hall (LSD 50) and the amphibious transport dock ship USS San Antonio (LPD 17). Along with the embarked Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (26th MEU), the Kearsarge ARG is deployed in support of maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts in the U.S. 5th Fleet Area of Responsibility (AOR).

For more news from Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet, visit

Naval Academy to Offer Cyber Operations Major

The Myth That Obamacare Will Only Affect the Uninsured

The Myth That Obamacare Will Only Affect the Uninsured

Video: Air Force Sees Hypersonic Weapons in 2025 | Defense Tech

Video: Air Force Sees Hypersonic Weapons in 2025 | Defense Tech

Release: Coast Guard stops illegal fishing; releases endangered sea turtle and 5 sharks

News Release

Coast Guard stops illegal fishing; releases endangered sea turtle and 5 sharks

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — An endangered sea turtle and five sharks were released back to the ocean late Sunday night after the Coast Guard spotted Mexicans fishing illegally in U.S. waters, approximately 1 mile north of the U.S. and Mexico border.

The fishing boat, known as a lancha, was spotted along with three others by a Coast Guard air crew aboard an HU-25 Falcon jet, during a patrol of the border.

Coast Guard Station South Padre Island dispatched a boatcrew at about 6:30 p.m. aboard a 33-foot Law Enforcement Special Purpose Craft (SPC-LE) to the last known position of the lanchas, 1 mile offshore. The station's boatcrew quickly recovered the illegal fishing gear and was able to safely release an endangered sea turtle and five sharks back into the wild.
“Due to the quick response of Station South Padre Island’s crew, five sharks and a sea turtle that were found in vessel’s long-line gear were released back into the ocean alive,” said Cmdr. Daniel Deptula, the response department head at Coast Guard Sector Corpus Christi. “This is a particularly significant case because we were able to save one of our endangered species and highlights the significant threat to the living marine resources of South Texas.”

The three lanchas previously spotted were not found when boat crews arrived.
Illegal fishing by Mexican nationals in the gulf region, along the U.S. and Mexico border, continues to be a prevalent and complex issue.

“Mexican fisheries have been depleted due to wasteful fishing methods such as gill netting and over fishing, which is why there has been increased illegal fishing activity into U.S. waters,” said Deptula. “And though these particular lanchas were found illegally fishing, these vessels are also known to smuggle illicit narcotics and people into the United States.”

During 2013, Sector Corpus Christi and its outlying units have seized 11 lanchas and more than 13 miles of fishing gear. Additionally, 513 fish and 86 sharks have been seized, and one live sea turtle has been returned to the sea.

For more information, please see the Coast Guard's Web site on Living Marine Resources.

Vatican to host world pro-life gathering in June to mark Year of Faith

Governor Nikki Haley Holds Post Cabinet Meeting Media Availability

Monday, May 13, 2013

Photo shows F-35A fitted with two externally mounted Joint Strike Missiles

Photo shows F-35A fitted with two externally mounted Joint Strike Missiles

U.S. Navy Photo of the Day

CARTAGENA, Colombia (March 19, 2010) The littoral combat ship USS Freedom (LCS 1) passes a lighthouse while entering Cartagena to begin a theater security cooperation (TSC) port visit. (U.S. Navy photo by Capt. Mark Morris/Released)

PRESS RELEASE: 5.13.13: Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty of Murdering 3 Babies, Has Killed Thousands

May 13, 2013 - CONTACT: Adam Cassandra 540-622-5230 – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty of Murdering 3 Babies, Has Killed Thousands

FRONT ROYAL, Virginia – Human Life International Vice President for Missions Father Peter West offered the following comments upon hearing the news that Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell was found guilty today of murdering three babies born alive in his abortion clinic. He was acquitted in the death of a fourth baby, and found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the overdose death of an adult patient Karnamaya Mongar. The jury will hear evidence Tuesday on whether Gosnell should receive the death penalty for his crimes.

“The Gosnell trial has reminded the world of the grisly nature of abortion. No one should be deceived into thinking this is an isolated case. This brutality is occurring all over the world.

“Now that Kermit Gosnell has been found guilty, he should spend the rest of his life in prison reflecting on the nature of his brutal crimes and asking God for mercy. While today he has been found guilty of the murder of only three babies, we know that in his decades long career thousands of babies lost their lives by his hands.

“The verdict of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Karnamaya Mongar reminds us too that abortion does not serve the needs of women, but rather exploits women in a time of despair. With this verdict coming the day after Mother’s Day, we sincerely pray that all expecting mothers will choose life for their children.

“I also pray that after reflecting on his crimes Kermit Gosnell comes to understand the horror of what he has done, repents of his sins, and asks for and accepts the mercy of God.”

About HLI: Human Life International: For the Glory of God and defense of Life, Faith and Family. Founded in 1981, HLI is the world’s largest international grassroots pro-life and pro-family organization, with affiliates and associates in over 80 countries on six continents.


Pope meets with Colombia's President, Juan Manuel Santos

Marching to Promote a Culture of Life

SECNAV visits USS Freedom in Singapore

SECNAV visits USS Freedom in Singapore

From Commander, Logisitcs Group Western Pacific Public Affairs
SINGAPORE (NNS) -- Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Ray Mabus visited the littoral combat ship USS Freedom (LCS 1) May 11, commemorating her recent arrival in Singapore and maiden overseas deployment to Southeast Asia.

Mabus, the 75th SECNAV, delivered remarks on the flight deck of Freedom to more than 200 foreign dignitaries and representatives from 26 countries, U.S. citizens in Singapore, and Sailors.

Mabus' remarks focused on the Navy's longstanding presence in Southeast Asia and highlighted the new role of littoral combat ships to work with regional navies and promote shared interests.

"There are many key engagements between our allies, partners and friends within this region," said Mabus. "USS Freedom was tailor made for this area and LCS is going to be one of the most crucial platforms the United States Navy has available."

Mabus stressed the U.S. Navy's continued cooperation with regional navies and coast guards to protect freedom of navigation, support maritime commerce and ensure maritime security.

Also on hand to deliver remarks, U.S. Ambassador David Adelman emphasized
the growth of the U.S.-Singapore defense relationship.

"The last three years has seen our relationship deepen dramatically," said Adelman. "We are committed to a safe and secure region."

Rear Admiral Tom Carney, Commander, Logistics Group Western Pacific also addressed the guests.

"USS Freedom's deployment reflects the United States' enduring commitment to stability and security in the Indo-Asia Pacific and we look forward to engaging regional navies on another level in the coming months," said Carney

Later this month, Freedom will participate in the upcoming International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference (IMDEX) in Singapore. In the months following IMDEX, Freedom will join regional navies and other 7th
Fleet units as a participant in select phases of exercises Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) and Southeast Asia Cooperation and Training (SEACAT). Occurring throughout Southeast Asia, both exercises
provide Freedom opportunities to train extensively with comparable-sized ships.

Fast, agile, and mission-focused, LCS platforms are designed to operate in near-shore environments and employ modular mission packages that can be configured for three separate purposes: surface warfare, mine
countermeasures, or anti-submarine warfare.

Freedom is initially manned by her "Gold" crew of 91 Sailors to include mission package personnel and an aviation detachment to operate an embarked MH-60 helicopter.

Freedom will remain homeported in San Diego throughout this rotational deployment to Southeast Asia. Midway through Freedom's deployment, a crew-swap will be conducted with her "Blue" crew.

Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty on Three First-Degree Murder Charges

Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty on Three First-Degree Murder Charges

PRESS RELEASE: Pro-Life Wisconsin Responds to Kermit Gosnell Verdict

For Immediate Release
May 13, 2013

Contact: Sam Guzman, Communications Director, (262) 796-1111, cell (262) 719-8026
or Matt Sande, Director of Legislation, cell (262) 352-0890

Pro-Life Wisconsin Welcomes Kermit Gosnell Guilty Verdict

BROOKFIELD, WI – Today the infamous late term abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, was found guilty of three of four counts of first degree murder in a trial that has revealed the true horror of abortion. Pro-Life Wisconsin welcomes this verdict, but condemns the hypocrisy of legal abortion in all its forms. Pro-Life Wisconsin Director of Communications, Sam Guzman, offered the following comments:

“We recognize that a baby does not have to be born to have intrinsic worth, nor does a human life have to reach a specific stage of development to bear the dignity of a person worthy of protection under the law.

While Kermit Gosnell will now suffer the due punishment for his crimes, abortion remains legal in America, free to be practiced in all 50 states throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Through legal abortion, approximately 4,000 babies die each day in the most horrific fashion, and their deaths go unpunished.

Until all babies are protected---in the womb or outside of it---justice remains to be done. It is for this justice that we will continue to fight. Pro-Life Wisconsin calls on all Americans to recognize the personhood of the unborn and end abortion once and for all.”

USS Lassen Sailors Join Victory Day Events in Russia

USS Lassen Sailors Join Victory Day Events in Russia

From USS Lassen Public Affairs
VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (NNS) -- Sailors from guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen (DDG 82) joined in Victory Day events during a port visit to Vladivostok, May 9.

Victory Day is a major Russian holiday celebrating the end of World War II hostilities in Europe.

Lassen Sailors marched in the Vladivostok Victory Day Parade alongside the Russian military and sailors from a French ship, which was also in Vladivostok on a port visit.

Lt. Cmdr. Steven Dobesh, Helicopter Maritime Strike (HSM) 51, detachment 3 Airboss, who led the Sailors in the parade said, "It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to march in a Russian parade leading a group of American Sailors. It was an Honor."

Additionally, Lassen Sailors joined the Russian veterans and their families in singing and dancing, telling stories and sharing a meal of traditional Russian military food.

"It was very special to see the sacrifices the veterans made, to talk to them about those experiences and realize that we in the military have so much in common," said Navy Chaplain (Lt. Cmdr.) William Stewart. "We just connected immediately, and it was a beautiful experience. One of the best COMRELS (community relations events) I have ever been on."

Interacting and volunteering are valued parts of many Navy port visits.

"Events like these give Sailors a tremendous opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with those of other cultures," said Stewart. "We get to be personal ambassadors for our country."

Lassen is part of Destroyer Squadron 15, forward deployed to Yokosuka, Japan, to support security and stability of the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

For more news from Commander Task Force 70, visit

STRATFOR: Taiwan Escalates Tensions Over Maritime Claims

New bill would boost penalties on IRS lawbreakers - Ginger Gibson -

New bill would boost penalties on IRS lawbreakers - Ginger Gibson -

Horrible: Car bomb explodes in Benghazi, killing several; Protests erupt [pics, video]

Horrible: Car bomb explodes in Benghazi, killing several; Protests erupt [pics, video]

ReasonTV - Surveillance After The Boston Attack: Do More Cameras Fight Terrorism or Violate Our Privacy Rights?

Judge sends Gosnell jury back to continue deliberations: hung on two counts |

Judge sends Gosnell jury back to continue deliberations: hung on two counts |

USS Pioneer Returns to San Diego

IRS IG Report: Targeting Conservatives Began In 2010

IRS IG Report: Targeting Conservatives Began In 2010

E-Update from the Desk of Governor Scott Walker

E-Update from the Desk of Governor Scott Walker
One of the most important duties I have serving as your Governor is to provide you directly with updates related to the operation of our state government. I also frequently provide updates on Facebook (Governor Scott Walker) and Twitter (@GovWalker). Please feel free to share this update with your family, friends, and others who may be interested in state government operations.

Wisconsin's $560 Million Budget Surplus
The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau released updated revenue projections yesterday, which showed Wisconsin will have a $560 million surplus when this fiscal year ends in June. Our sound fiscal management means we can continue to invest in our priorities while protecting taxpayers.

The surplus and increased revenue projections should be invested in aid for our schools, lowering income taxes for middle-class families, holding the line on property taxes, and building our rainy day fund. Wisconsin’s economy is growing, and our tough, but prudent, decisions mean we are better off than we were two years ago.

Wisconsin Improves to 17th in "Best/Worst States for Business 2013" Ranking
Chief Executive magazine announced the results of their annual “Best/Worst States for Business” survey on Tuesday, and for the third consecutive year, Wisconsin improved its position among the nation’s best states for business. Wisconsin improved from 20th in 2012 to 17th in 2013, and up from 41st in 2010. 
Since taking office in 2011, my number one goal has been to help the private sector create jobs by establishing a favorable climate for economic growth. This three-year improvement in ranking continues to show our economy is better off than it was a few years ago, and Wisconsin is on track to becoming one of America’s best states for business.


"Cabinet on the Road"
On Monday, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and members of the Cabinet joined me to kick off the “Cabinet on the Road” series at Modine Manufacturing in Racine. This is a great opportunity to travel with the Cabinet and listen to the concerns of local job creators and discuss how we can help them create more jobs.

We had a unique opportunity to ask questions about the impact of state government on business. Our Administration is always trying to find ways to lower the cost of doing business in Wisconsin, promote job creation, and limit unnecessary regulations that hurt small businesses. 
The 2013 Wisconsin Regulatory Review Report was published earlier this year and identified 218 rules with 307 recommended modifications. The Small Business Regulatory Review Board conducted a survey of employers as part of the report, and 70 percent of employers said regulations impose a significant cost on their businesses.
My Administration will continue working on building a pro-growth environment in Wisconsin so our job creators can grow and hire more workers.

Focusing on Jobs
Two years ago, during my inaugural address, I stated “We will work tirelessly to restore economic growth and vibrancy to our state. My top three priorities are jobs, jobs, and jobs.” I’ve remained true to my words, and I will continue to each and every day I have the honor of serving as your Governor. 
Recently, we made substantial strides helping Wisconsinites who are currently looking for work get the jobs that are available today:
  • Just in the last month, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development hosted 30 job fairs and specialized recruitments attended by nearly 3,500 job seekers—including fairs in the Fox Valley, along the Illinois border, in the Chippewa Valley, in the Coulee Region, and in Southwest Wisconsin;
  • In the last week, on-site recruitment events were held at six major Wisconsin employers;
  • has more than 40,000 job postings including more than 6,700 that were added in the last week; and
  • We’ve added private sector members to the Council on Workforce Investment—an advisory panel working to help prepare workers find jobs in the modern workforce.
Beyond these efforts, we have additional innovative ideas to assist individuals, who are currently looking for employment. Later this month, we will encourage individuals in southeast Wisconsin currently receiving unemployment benefits to pre-register for a career expo taking place in their area. Dozens of employers have already signed up for the expo, which is good news. If you’re interested, you can visit to learn more.

I remain focused on helping foster an economic environment that allows the private sector to create jobs, and I will continue to help individuals who are seeking work get jobs that are available today. 

State Employee Recognition Day
State Employee Recognition Day was Wednesday, May 8, and you can watch my message to state employees here
I thank all state employees for their hard work and dedication. The services they provide help make Wisconsin a better place to live. Wisconsin is lucky to have employees, who lead by example and exude a high level of professionalism, and I encourage all citizens to express appreciation to them each day.

It has been a pleasure communicating with you. It is an honor to serve as your Governor and represent the residents of Wisconsin.

Governor Scott Walker

RIA Novosti: Russian Pacific Fleet Warships to Enter Mediterranean

RIA NovostiAdmiral Panteleyev destroyerRussian Pacific Fleet Warships to Enter Mediterranean
14:12 13/05/2013 A group of warships from Russia’s Pacific Fleet is about to deploy to the Mediterranean Sea for the first time in decades, fleet spokesman Roman Martov said on Monday.>>