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Sanctity Of Human Life Rally, Menominee, MI

Sanctity Of Human Life Rally, Menominee, MI
Around 100* people showed up for the Sanctity of Human Life Rally, in Menominee, MI on Sunday, January 19, in support of human life. It was sponsored by Bay Area Pregnancy Services, Inc (BAPS). How appropriate it was that before the event started several children who had shown up with their families were
Children playing
laughing and playing on the snow banks in front of the country courthouse. It helped to reinforce the fact that many more voices will never be heard from or have the chance to play.

It was a great turn out, especially considering the bitter cold temperature. The speaker was Pastor Joe Hemstock from the First Apostolic Church, Marinette, WI, who called to account churches and
Speaker Pastor Joe Hemstock
individuals of faith to actively live their pro-life values by embracing large families. He asked how many churches had families with 10 children in them. It was a powerful message for not just marching, but living your conviction daily.

Afterward, there was a march from the courthouse, down the street to Holy Spirit Church, Menominee, MI.
Pro-life marchers Menominee, MI
Where there was prayers, scripture readings and songs and a powerful message by Rev. Ronald Timock from the Precious Blood Church, Stephenson, MI, about the Catholic Church's strong position on life and about how God had placed on all mankind's heart the natural law. He gave the example of how protective we are of bald eagles and their eggs because we realize that is a valuable life. How much more should we value the lives of our own unborn children?

Following the service there was refreshments served in the basement. A large number of people stayed and fellowshiped. Literature and information was provided by various pro-life groups.

Everyone was encouraged to support life by 1) writing letters to Congress, 2) volunteering for crisis pregnancy centers or local pro-life organizations, 3) writing letters to the editors of local newspapers, 4) support pregnant mothers, 5) Write or call corporations or media which support abortion, and 6) Pray for the success of the pro-life movement.

I would like to thank Life Core, Inc., BAPS, and all the churches and parishioners and clergy who so graciously took of their time to fight for those who cannot defend themselves.

Father Walter Stumpf St Mary Parish-Crivitz,WI  with parishioner 
*Earlier version of this story under reported turnout at 70.  The local media reports placed the number at around 100.

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