Heroes Of This Blog

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Pius XII

Saint Joan of Arc

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal

Thomas Jefferson

Patrick Henry

Rep. Ron Paul

F. A. Hayek

Sarah Palin

Rep. Joe Wilson

Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer

Jim Pouillon

George S. Patton

"Stonewall" Jackson

Judie Brown

Varina Davis

Patrick Cleburne

James Madison

Rush Limbaugh

Thomas More

General Richard Taylor


Anonymous said...

Why do you hate America? To have some of these people on the list with the actual Founding Fathers is American heresy at the least.

DR said...

I served this Republic in uniform for years and still serve it in my way now. Since you gave no name I cannot accurately respond. Perhaps next time you won't just level baseless accusations and scurry away.

Joe Strahan said...

Well I don't know how you can put Palin on this list. Regardless of her failed political campaign, she hasn't done anything. Or has she?

DR said...

Palin is on my list because she stood up to her governor and state republican party, even resigning from the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, which was a huge political and financial sacrifice for their family at the time. You have to remember that Alaska has a tiny population so standing up to your own party would be especially difficult.

She is also a tireless promoter of her state and as a strong advocate for states rights I appreciate that. Finally, I was completely disgusted by the evil savagery that was exhibited upon her and her family by the media, Democrats and the so-called elite in the Republican Party. This is only a few of the reasons.