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August 7, 2014

USS Detroit and Milwaukee

Today, my family took a trip to Marinette and Menominee to look at the USS Detroit and USS Milwaukee. They're both looking good n' ready. The Detroit should launch soon, and the USS Sioux City and USS Little Rock are under construction right now. They are being built by Marinette Marine

Thursday, November 7, 2013

#5Stanford is going to move up in rankings

            Last year, when Stanford played the University of Oregon Ducks, evenafter the "experts" stated that Stanford would lose, the Cardinal won. That's going to happen again this year.
If you want to watch, it is going to be on ESPN at 8:00 p.m. Central Time.
I predict it will be 24-10, Stanford. The only other thing I've got to say is, GO STANFORD!!!!!!!!!!

August 9, 2013

A New Planet

The new planet, GJ 504b, is a planet bigger than Jupiter. It is thought to be a magenta color. To find out more, click here.

July  26, 2013

My opinion of the best states to live in

This information is from the Freedom in the 50 States. With that and my own opinion, I've decided on the best states.

50: Hawaii

49: California

48: New York

47: Rhode Island 

46: Connecticut

45: Maryland

44: Massachusetts

43: New Jersey

42: Delaware

41: Ohio

40: Illinois

39: Pennsylvania

38: Florida

37: Nebraska

36: Kansas

35: Indiana

34: Washington

33: Oregon

32: Mississippi

31: Minnesota

30: Utah

29: Louisiana

28: Iowa

27: Alabama

26: Vermont

25: Michigan

24: Wisconsin 

23: Wyoming 

22: Texas

21: New Mexico

20: Virginia 

19: Arizona  

18: West Virginia

17: Colorado

16: Nevada

15: Georgia

14: New Hammshire

13: South Dakota

12: Oklahoma

11: South Carolina

10: Maine

9: Alaska

8: North Dakota 

7: Arkansas

6: Kentucky

5: North Carolina

4: Montana

3: Missouri

2: Idaho

1: Tennessee

I chose Tennessee because there are mountains in the east, and it's not bad in Overall Freedom. Also, there is barely any major cities.

October 14, 2012

The Sikuliaq

My Dad went to Marinette, WI, because he was a reporter for the launching of the Sikuliaq. It is a well designed Alaska Region Reasearch Vesssel (ARRV). He was able to watch the boat launch and interview some scientists. My Dad has written an article about it. The University of Alaska Fairbanks retweeted it to! You should read it on the front page of The Maritime Sentery.

October 9, 2012

Why don't we celebrate Columbus Day at school?

One day that is special to my family is Columbus Day.This is why I'm not happy that we are not doing anything about it at school. He found this land, and that is how we all got here, to the America's. So we should at least be learning about him at school. But the teachers will not do anything to celebrate it. Why?

July 8, 2012

The Warrior Song - Leviathan  

July 1, 2012

A Good Movie for Libetarians

I think that Atlas Shrugged is a good movie for Libetarians to watch. Here is my reason. It gives a great example of how Government try's to destroy our country. Part 2 comes out in October.

June 20, 2012

2012 Presidential Election Interactive Map

If the election was held today, here's what I think the electoral voting will go. Here is my map: 2012 Presidential Election Interactive Map: Interactive map for the upcoming 2012 presidential election. Use it to predict which candidate will reach the necessary 270 electoral votes.

June 6, 2012

Scott Walker wins!

Scott Walker won with 60 counties in all, while Tom Barrett only won 12. For the map of results, click here.  The ones that Barrett won were the following: Douglas, Bayfield, Ashland, Menominee, Portage, La Crosse, Iowa, Dane, Columbia, Rock, Kenosha, and obviously, Milwaukee County.This was a great win. There were rumors of significant cheating. There were Liberals that threatened to kill him some time this week.

April 14, 2012

Clitonville Residents Figure Out Booming Sounds

Clitonville residents now know what the shakes and sounds were from a magnitude 1.5 earthquake. So their thinking was correct. But still some are wondering,"How is there an an earthquake in Wisconsin, especially since the fact is that there is not a single fault line any where near Clitonville? There inst even one single Fault from about 300-400 miles away!" The mayor said that the mystery is finally solved. Some of the residents that were about to move away are probably staying there. The booms and shakes are over in Clitonville. But they have started in Barabo, WI now! I didn't hear much about it, but I do know that they did or are expecting it to be another earthquake. But again, there is no fault from 200-400 miles away.

April 13, 2012

Ann Romney plays in the 2012 Campaign plan

In a TV interview, Henry Rosen said that Mitt Romney " does not view women as equals. Later Ann Romney said that she made the choice of staying home to raise her five children. It made nearly 10,000 people follow her.  Many were furious at what  Ms. Rosen said. She apologized later. Mrs. Romney has been a good supporter of Mitt Romney.

North Korea's rocket launch unsuccessful

The North Koreans had launched a rocket at 7:39 a.m. on Friday, April 13, 2012. Just before the first stage, the rocket exploded in the air. It had cost them $850,000,000.00. in building and  launching it. The second stage would've taken the satellite rocket a couple thousand more miles and separate in the Philippines, while the third stage would have put the satellite into space if it hadn't  exploded.

Titanic's 100th year from sinking

It is about 1 day until the 100th year since the R.M.S.(Royal Mail Service) Titanic sank far below the ocean waves. That is a century ago! It was said to be "unsinkable." But unfortunately, this wasn't true at all. The idea came from the builders of the Titanic Harland and Wolf.

The designer was Thomas Andrews. I think he did a very fine job. Others did too.

There was a Grand Stair Case and a Aft Grand Stair Case. Each of them looked alike. They each had a glass dome at the top, so you could see the sky from there. They were located between funnels(the Aft between 3rd and 4rth, and the real one between the 1st and 2nd.) It was wooden and carved.

There were boilers, Kitchens, rooms, a Gymnasium, and even a swimming pool! The Titanic was nearly 836 feet long.

 The first class was for the wealthy. 300-some used first class. There rooms were nice, new, and fancy.

Second class was good and nice. About 200 people traveled in 2nd class. They had pretty good rooms, but not better than the 1st class room. 

Third class was for the poor. Most of them were immigrants. They had simple and clean. 705 people traveled in third class. 
The first voyage started on April 10th, 1912. It stated at Southampton, then went to Cherbourg, France, then to Queenstown,(now Cobh)Ireland, and then finally towards New York, United States. It the biggest ship in the world at the time.
When it was approximately 400 miles South East of New Foundland, it collided into a iceberg. 300 feet of the hull was torn open. The crew pumped water out but the water kept right on pouring in there. They sent an SOS but only the R.M.S. Carpathia responded. It was 85 miles away.  They sent flares into the air, but the Californians crew thought it was their company's signal. Later on it broke in 2.
The bad news was that there were only 20 lifeboats. 16 wooden ones and 4 collapsible lifeboats. A strange thing is that they only filled them half-full.  1,000 people died. 750 people survived. The Carpathia picked up all the survivors. Robert Ballard discovered the wreck on September 1st, 1998. He said that it did break in two, but the people said that it went down without breaking. But soon later, they found out.

March 24, 2012

Ron Paul's " Give me Liberty!" Money Bomb

Yesterday Ron Paul started a Money Bomb called "Give me Liberty!". In only 30 hours he had $600,000. I think he has been doing good on this one. Click here if you want to donate.

Ron Paul Will Have a Meeting in Wisconsin

Ron Paul is coming to Wisconsin! Click here for more.

December 11, 2011

Scientists find a new planet a lot like Earth

NASA has found a new planet a lot like ours just outside of the solar system, in the Goldilocks zone. They think that this is a perfect place for life, but they think it's a little too big. The temperature is around 72 degrees. This was the first planet found in the habitable zone for Kelper. Kelper is a satellite, which was launched on a planet-hunting mission in 2009. The planet was named Kelper-22b. 

RIA NovostiA Proton-M carrier rocket. ArchiveRussia to launch two telecoms satellites on Sunday
07:48 11/12/2011 A Proton-M carrier rocket with two telecommunications satellites onboard will blast off from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstavn on Sunday.>>

Ron Paul Statements about being glad the NLRB dropped lawsuit against Boeing

There is some great news that the NLRB dropped its lawsuit against Boeing for deciding to build a new plant in South Carolina.
Statement from Congressman Ron Paul:

“Hearing that the NLRB decided to stop pursuing its ongoing harassment of Boeing was welcomed news. I would like to think this is more than just a political move by the Obama administration with an election year looming, but experience tells me otherwise.

“I have long been an advocate for the rights of workers to work without interference by big government, often acting as facilitator for big labor. My unblemished voting record on the issue of right to work, according to the National Right To Work Committee, is a testament to that fact.

“The idea that government bureaucrats, acting to empower union officials, would try to stop a private company from building a new plant is an affront to the very principles of economic liberty this country was founded upon. These are principles I have pledged to uphold my entire career.

“As President I will work to repeal all federal laws that force workers and employers to submit to union officials and their enforcers in the federal bureaucracy.”

August 28, 2011

Saturn's moon Titan

I looked at 50 pictures of Titan a couple weeks ago. It had said that if your spacesuit burst open, you would only have a headache. There is a picture that shows the exact sizes of Earth, Titan, and our moon. The Earth is 1st biggest, Titan is 2nd biggest, and our moon is the smallest. Another picture shows a lake on Titan much bigger than Lake Superior.   

August 27, 2011

The Space Program

Space and science have been my 1st favorite subjects since I graduated from Kindergarten. That's why I'm so sad that Obama had cut the space program. I'm also sad that the Space Shuttle missions are over. When I was around 7 and 8 years old I read about someone named Sally Ride. She had said that the person to be the first one to step on Mars is a child somewhere on the Earth right now. I started to think about me being first on Mars. That was when I started talking about nothing but me being first on Mars. Soon after that, I had gotten a "space theatre in my room" for Christmas. I also got a couple more space books. Orion is my 1st favorite constellation. I have a huge map of the constellations and a picture of Orion from the Hubble Telescope. I hope we get the Space Program back soon and that the new rocket that will take us up into space will be better and more improved.

Who would I vote for if I could vote

If I could vote I would vote for Ron Paul or Michelle Bachman for president.

Hi, I'm LR . I am nine years old. My favorite newspaper is The Wall Street journal. One of my career goals are to go to the Naval Academy. I have 8 members of my family. My section will be called LR's Journal. It will have my thoughts and news about what's going on in Russia and the USA.


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